Labiaplasty techniques – wedge vs. trim. What’s the difference?

Labiaplasty is one of our favorite procedures. We are very happy to offer this service in the comfort and privacy of our office. Labiaplasty reduces the amount of skin – either the inner or outer labia. By reducing the amount of loose skin, women find clothing and activities more  comfortable.

For safety reasons, my preference is to use a trim technique. Like its name, the procedure trims away the excess outer, often more darkly-colored, tissues from the inner labia. In addition, it is typical to trim excess skin from the clitoral hood. Some women may also request outer labia surgical skin tightening. This technique not only looks very natural, but is also safer than the wedge technique. In the event of any excess swelling or disruption of stitches, trim wounds heal without any complication or need for revision.

The wedge technique involves the removal of a wedge-shaped, full thickness section from the middle of the inner-labia. Removal of a wedge makes the labia shorter from front to back and more tucked. This is a more straightforward incision, however, if the incision opens, a very reconstructive surgery will be required. If too much tissue is removed, there can be an uncomfortable tightening to the opening of the vagina, requiring reconstruction to correct.

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