This patient has firm scar tissue, a process called capsular contracture, which results in firm, elevated narrowed, implants. Capsular contracture is often asymmetric and sometimes painful. Typically, near complete removal of the scar tissue and replacement of the implants is needed.

This implant and the breast tissue were not positioned together. Capsule adjustment and lifting helped bring better symmetry. Many patients with long standing asymmetry need implant removal with recovery of tissue prior to revision.

This patient was dissatisfied with the positioning of her implants from a prior surgery. Lateral movement of the implants and asymmetry are common reasons patients will seek out my practice. Revision surgery represents a large portion of my practice and a specific reason for women to seek a female plastic surgeon. In this case, capsule tissue was used to secure the position of the implants from the sides and the bottom. Nipple reduction and exchange of implants for a larger size were also performed.


As an aesthetic plastic surgery specialist, I am very happy to assist in cosmetic refinements. This sometimes includes fat grafting, nipple reconstruction, scar revision, and/or symmetry surgery such as lifts or reductions. For breast cancer patients, these procedures may be covered by insurance. As with all insurance related procedures, it is preferable for you to check your benefits and identify who can perform these procedures with your specific insurance. It is always important for you to check with your initial surgeon if you are unhappy with your result. Revision surgery is not always successful and realistic expectations are important prior to undergoing further surgery.