This 44 year old patient underwent liposuction and skin excision. She is shown here, 3 months after surgery. Brachioplasty scars often stay red and irritated for months to years after surgery. Scar massage and occasionally injections or laser treatments are required achieve a smoother less thick scar. The silhouette will become smoother and more natural looking over time.

This 64 year old patient had lost weight and wanted less bulk and in her upper arms.  Liposuction and skin excision was performed 3 months prior. Success in this procedure places the scar in a less visible position along the base of the arm. Non surgical procedures to improve the skin quality can be performed as an office procedure, but only surgery can remove large amounts of excess skin.

This procedure works extrememly well for people who have lost a significant amount of weight and have excess skin.  It is not a good procedure for individuals who have excessive amounts of subcutaneous fat or who have not achieved a steady healthy weight loss.  The scars are situated to be not apparent from the usually exposed potions of the arm.  This patient is depicted on less than one month after surgery.
This is patient underwent liposuction of both upper arms 3 months prior to this photo. Liposuction is only a good surgical option for small volume changes for people who otherwise are near their ideal body weight and have reasonable skin quality.


If you have excess skin and minimal fat, a lift may help you achieve the look you want. Arm lifts are one of the most impactful body contouring procedures. After weight loss, excess skin and even some excess fat cannot be treated without surgery.

Some patients have excess body fat in the upper arm. If you feel like your proportions need adjusting, liposuction is the perfect procedure.

Liposuction works extremely well to get rid of excess fat in the upper arms. If your skin has good elasticity this may be the right operation, but typically patients will need a combination of fat contouring and skin removal.

Scars are placed along the inside of your arm and armpit. The length of the scar depends on the amount of skin needing removal. This location is difficult to hide, and while scars heal, they can remain quite visible. For some people with a significant amount of excess tissue, this trade-off is very acceptable.

You will typically need to wear a compression garment for at least 2 weeks after surgery. You will be able to do light activity immediately. You may have a drain in each arm. Many people return to work after one week. We request you avoid strenuous activity for 2-4 weeks. There will be swelling and bruising that will improve over the first month.