Keeping our community healthy is key.

As we monitor the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to connect directly with our patients to share the precautions that we at Angela Keen, MD are taking to ensure the safety and wellness of our employees and patients.

We are taking every precaution necessary and currently have zero reported cases of Coronavirus in our practice. Though Covid-19 is not yet entirely understood, the methods we use to protect ourselves and our patients during every cold and flu season are exactly what the CDC is recommending for controlling Covid-19. We are practicing recommended safety routines, servicing only healthy patients, and utilizing sterilization techniques between each patient contact. We have always urged patients to cancel elective consults, procedures, and surgeries if they are ill. We have never, and still do not, impose rescheduling fees in these circumstances. Our surgery center is outside the acute care hospital setting and caters only to well patients. We are encouraging our employees who demonstrate ANY symptoms of cold or flu to stay home and we are encouraging our patients to do the same. We are also asking patients to not bring their young children to the office. Young children may not demonstrate symptoms of Covid-19 even if they are active carriers of the virus, and are therefore potentially more contagious than they may seem. Please keep all kids home. Call us if you need any help with scheduling. Essentially our recommendations are the same as any other time of the year. If you are healthy, come on in! If you get sick, get well first and we will look forward to seeing you once you have recovered!!
Angela Keen, MD

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