Neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are a very popular cosmetic procedure for both men and women. They work by relaxing the muscle they are placed into. Relaxation of facial muscles leads to a more relaxed appearance, fewer wrinkles, and many people claim they feel more relaxed. Neurotoxins have been used to treat headaches and is also very effective when used to treat excessive armpit sweating. Recent studies have shown that the forced relaxation of facial muscles not only makes people look healthier and happier, but makes them feel that way due to a bio-feedback mechanism.

Even those in their 20s can benefit from a small amount of volume replacement. After injections, brow tinting/shaping, and a laser facial, her natural beauty is enhanced – not distorted.

Men also enjoy less wrinkles with neuromodulators and volume replacement with fillers both


Synthetic or naturally occurring substances that damage, destroy, or impair the functioning of the central and/or peripheral nervous system. Neurotoxins may damage neurons, axons, and/or glia resulting in loss of specific nuclei and/or axonal tracts or demyelination.

Definitely yes, if you are troubled by frown lines between your eyebrows. Botox is the only FDA-approved non-surgical treatment for moderate to severe frown lines between the brows. Neurotoxins can also be used for facial shaping, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, chin dimples, and frown lines at the corners of the mouth. When you come for your consultation, a full discussion of expected results and options to suit your interests will be discussed.

Botox was the first FDA approved neurotoxin for facial relaxation. Since its approval in 2002, millions of people have safely undergone treatments, making it one of the most researched medications in history. Over 6 million neurotoxin injections were performed in 2013.

Botox cosmetic works by blocking nerve impulses, which reduces the movement of the muscles which control the position of your eyebrows. A careful understanding of facial anatomy and facial aesthetics is needed for optimal use of this medication.

An unnatural appearance is more the result of excessive dosing or poor technique. Each person treated in our office is asked to check facial movements in front of a mirror 5-7 days after their treatment to check for uneven results.  For many patients with significant transverse forehead lines, a brow lift or eyelid lift procedure may be a more appropriate choice. These considerations are based on your individual anatomy and will be discussed at the time of your consultation.

Individual results vary, but you should expect to see some result within 2-6 days after your treatment depending on the product.  Once the muscle-relaxing effect is in place, wrinkles can start to fade.  This part may take several weeks and possibly require additional treatment such as a filler injection, or addiitonal skin care such as laser treament or sugery if they do not disappear.

Neurotoxins do not usually last longer than 3 months, but visible wrinkle reduction results can last longer. Each patients results may vary and the more consistently you use them, the lower the dose you require to maintain your result.

Side effects can include headache, temporary eyelid droop, temporary pain and redness at the injection site. All potential side effects generally occur with in the first week and go away on their own.  For patients with pre-existing ptosis (weakness or drooping) of the eyelids, or who need surgical skin removal, neurotoxins can result in an eyes partially closed position, which is neither aesthetically or functionally desirable.