This 43 year old is seen 3 months after 4 cycles of Coolsculpting. This patient is a terrific example of how simply maintaining your weight combined with a very focused area of Coolsculpting can transform your appearance to highlight pre-existing fitness and good health.

This 43 year old patient is seen 3 months after 2 cycles of Coolsculpting to her upper arms. Coolsculpting offers less dramatic, less rapid fat removal than liposuction, but has the tremendous advantages of no recovery downtime or risk of scar and injury. Some patients are very pleased with a subtle improvement after one or two treatments and some patients undergo additional cycles for a more dramatic result. As with liposuction, it is very important to monitor your weight. Weight gain will limit effectiveness and can result in unnatural contours.


CoolSculpt® Multiple Areas Including Abdomen, Thighs, Arms and Chin In As Little As 35 Min. Discover If Non-Surgical CoolSculpting® Is Right For You, Schedule A Consultation Today. CoolSculpting® Experts. Abs, Thighs, Arms, Chin. Financing Available

CoolSculpting® works by the process of cryolipolysis, which is the controlled, targeted freezing of fat cells. The cooling process is able to terminally damage our fat cells, and only the fat cells, while leaving all the surrounding tissue completely unharmed. The damaged cells signal to the body that they are no longer functional, and through a natural process our body clears away the fat cells never to return.

The best candidates for CoolSculpting® are patients with stubborn, pronounced pockets of fat that seem resistant to diet and exercise. The ideal patients are males and females who are anywhere from 5-15 pounds of their desired weight, but anyone with pinch-able, pull-able fat that will fit into an applicator is a candidate for the procedure.

The FDA has cleared CoolSculpting® on the abdomen(spare tire/belly fat), flanks(muffin top), inner and outer tights(banana roll), and submental area(double chin). But, CoolSculpting® will harmlessly work in just about any area where there is enough tissue to fill an applicator sufficiently and unwanted fat. Cool Sculpting® has been successfully used on: Upper and Lower back’s, Knees, Arms, Cavs

Patients will come in for a complementary, full body consultation. We will work together to create a treatment plan, to target most susceptible and effective areas to achieve the most desirable results.
Patients will then return for their treatments which can last anywhere from 35-60 minutes per area. Expect to have a minimum of 2 areas per visit. During treatment, patients can expect slight discomfort as the freezing process begins. Once the area is numb, the treatment is virtually painless. Patients can watch Netflix, listen to music, or read with few distractions.
There is no downtime with CoolSculpting, and patients can return to normal activity the same day of their procedure.

Patients can expect to see up to a 25% reduction of fat in the treated area per cycle. It is not untypical to do 2-3 treatments on an area to see truly transformational results. Patients can start seeing results in as little as 3 weeks and best results are in 1-3 months. Once the unwanted fat is removed from an area, it does not come back, so the results are sustainable.

CoolSculpting® is a great fit for patients who are looking for a non invasive option for removing fat that are resistant to edit and exercise. Our patients love the fact that there is no recovery time, no needles, and little discomfort during and after the procedure. CoolSculpting is not a weight loss option, but will improve the way you look, the way your cloths fit, and the contours and shape of your figure.

Major complications after liposuction are rare when this procedure is performed safely in an accredited center. Current safety guidelines suggest limiting suction volumes to 5 liters (about 11 pounds). The most common complications after liposuction are severe bruising, numbness, uneven contour, grooves, and dimples. Surgeons performing liposuction attempt to avoid uneven outcomes by leaving a small fat layer below the skin, and by applying suction evenly across any given area.  Some degree of contour irregularity is quite common and massaging suctioned areas after surgery is very important.

Wear your compression garment as instructed. Use massage to treat any firm or wrinkled areas which, you may have initially after surgery. If surgery is part of a plan for weight loss, maintain your weight, or even better, use this occasion as a sort of new beginning. Plan to treat yourself and your body to what it deserves… healthy food, regular exercise and maybe a new outfit or two. Maybe the most important factor is choosing a good surgeon to begin with. Liposuction is an art – make sure you find a surgeon who understands your interests and is excited about your surgery.

There are many large-scale marketing efforts which are aimed at attracting liposuction patients.  The problem is none of these techniques have improved upon the quality, cost-effectiveness or the safety of liposuction.  They have just improved on the marketing of liposuction and they have allowed the tools of liposuction to be made available to the vast population of non-surgically trained physicians who want to branch into plastic surgery without the proper training.  Buyer beware.