This patient was undergoing a difficult transition away from chronically contracted breast implants. With some skin excision and tissue rearrangement, a more natural, smaller, but pretty result was achieved without implants.

This patient presented for thigh liposuction and decided to “recycle” her fat to her breasts. Fat injection is ideal for the patient who wants a small size increase and who may also need shaping or symmetry improvements.

This patient already has beautiful breasts. Additional fat from a liposuction procedure gave her a natural and lasting augmentation of nearly a cup size.


Fat injection to breasts is a very exciting procedure. Like all procedures, it needs to be approached with caution and a clear understanding of risks and benefits. The ideal candidate for breast fat injection is someone who desires liposuction as a primary procedure or someone who could be a safe liposuction candidate. This “natural breast augmentation” is for someone who wants a small volume augmentation or reshaping of the breast. Fat is sculpted into the breast and can expand certain parts of the breast or help get a more symmetric volume to the breast in a way that implants cannot accomplish. Approximately 60% of the fat injected stays in its new home, so there will be some change between your immediate post-operative results and your final volume. The caution with fat grafting is that some of the injected fat will heal with scar tissue or oil cysts, which can be permanent. An expert radiologist can typically distinguish this from cancerous lesions of the breast, but these problems can be symptomatic requiring further surgery.