Utah Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Topic – Part 3 of 3 FACIAL REJUVENATION

Surgical Topic Number 3: FACIAL REJUVENATION

All experienced experts agree that well performed surgical facial rejuvenation with a face/neck lift and eyelid surgery cannot be replaced with non surgical techniques. We experts also agree that without a filling procedure, a lifted face can appear unnatural. Volume loss in the face can be treated with many options. Patients need to seek expert injectors who know about the safety profile of their products and who have an artistic eye. Finally, daily skin care is mandatory, especially for all of us who did not have access to high quality sun screen in our youth.


The best face/neck lifts are preformed by expert surgeons who are familiar with anatomy and can safely reposition the deep muscle layers of the face back where they used to be without putting pressure on the skin or altering someone’s facial appearance. There is minimal enthusiasm for short cut versions of this important surgery.


Many of us who perform a lot of facial rejuvenation have a strong preference for fat in large areas and hyaluronic acid fillers for small fixes. Fat offers the advantage of plentiful supply and a growth factor type advantage to skin quality. I prefer to perform fat injections in conjunction with other facial surgery under light anesthesia. Fat injections carry specific risks and limitations which you need to discuss with your surgeon to ensure they are experienced and using this technique safely. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a great value and incredibly safe. In the rare event of infection or sensitivity reaction these fillers can be dissolved with an injection of an enzyme. The safety advantage of hyaluronic acid fillers make them the most popular choice in our practice.


There are so many different laser technologies and skin tightening systems. Some work extremely well, and some are not worth the time or money in the opinion of many of our experts. I do not offer any laser technology in my practice that is not tested for efficacy, safety, and value. We are very pleased with the results we see with our fractionated laser. It stimulates the growth layer of cells without burning and damaging the upper layers of skin. When paired with growth factors and antioxidants, this is a very powerful treatment. Down time is one to 3 days. We also love our IPL laser which has no downtime, can be performed in 15 minutes or less, and has nearly instant turnover of red and brown pigmentation in damaged skin. Perhaps the most immediate improvement is seen with a derma plane facial combined with a light peel. Your skin is instantly fresh and soft and able to soak in whatever medical grade skin care you choose.


Any of them are better than nothing! Vitamin C, retinoid acid, niacin all have value. Scrubs and exfoliation with gentle cleansers are essential. Adequate moisturizer is essential and sunscreen is the number one must for anyone in this day and age, especially Utah! Our master aesthetician performs complimentary product consultations and can help answer any questions about skin care. Your daily skin care routine is the only way to maintain healthy skin.

Written by: Angela Keen