Beauty Routines for Every Decade

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin, at Every Age!

Skin injury from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and aging accumulate over time. Whatever your skin concerns may be, skin health can seem daunting and overwhelming. What products should I be using? What do I need to be doing for my skin right now? Do I need to switch things up as I get older? We want to help make skin care as fun as possible! We have put together 5 simple beauty tips for every decade so you can create your own simple and consistent routine!


Skin care in your 20's

Protect your skin! Your 20’s are the decade of elastic, firm, and flawless skin. At this point, the most important thing you need to do is protect your skin. Sunscreen will limit the ultraviolet injury that will surface in your 30’s. When a sun spot surfaces, it is on average 10-15 years old! Use a medical grade sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. We recommend something that feels good on your skin for both the summer and the dry winter months. If a product does not feel good, you will most likely not use it. We like the quality and value of Elta MD and Obagi’s new sunscreen, which also protects against infrared, heat-derived damage. Prevention is much easier to manage than correction!

Acne may still plague you into your 20’s. Acne is rarely curable, but always needs management. Whatever you do, it’s important to be consistent with your treatment. Consider professional dermatologic advice for severe cases in order to avoid permanent skin damage.

Our aesthetician will create a customized skin plan for you, which will typically include a package of our laser facials and very gentle cleaning/moisturizing agents. Gentle is the key to limit additional skin trauma for our acne patients!

Identify and treat melasma. In addition to sun damage, brown spots can be caused by hormonal influences from either birth control or pregnancy. Melasma is characterized by medium to large dark skin patches. Melasma is one of the hardest skin conditions to treat, however it can be managed with some delicate laser facials and medical grade skin care prescribed by our team.

Boost your skin turnover! As we age, our skin cellular turnover starts to slow down. Our skin is not naturally sloughing as fast as it used to, which means we are also not making collagen and elastin as quickly. The glorious youthful glow starts to fade. A child’s skin turns over every 14 days, but it slows down to 24-30 days by our 20’s. Retinol products, exfoliants, facials, peels, laser facials, scrubs, antioxidants, or simply the correct skin routine will help boost skin turnover. Choose something you like! Keep it simple, but keep it consistent. Let us help!

Watch your health habits! Your habits and self-care routine will influence your overall health for decades to come. The people and places you surround yourself with should be uplifting. Weight gain tends to happen slowly, so create habits to maintain a weight that is healthy and happy for you. The negative effects of weight gain on health and skin can be irreversible! Consider a fitness tracker or just a good gym buddy!

Check list for the 20’s

1) Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Choose one you love and use it!

2) Seek our professional help to manage conditions like melasma and acne.

3) Start a daily routine with some medical grade skin care.

4) Schedule facials or peels to give your skin a refreshing boost in tone and texture.

5) Be a good guardian of your health. Start creating healthy habits!


Your 30’s are still vibrant with the enthusiasm of youth, but free time and sleep may become scarce, leaving your skin feeling and looking sluggish. This is the time when you start to notice static wrinkles, pigmentation issues, and an increase in dullness. You might also start to notice redness in the skin and dialed blood vessels, particularly around the nose and cheeks. Skin cellular turnover at this age now takes 28-35 days, so increasing exfoliation and upping your home skin care becomes a must.

Check in with your skin. You should perform occasional skin exams. The rate of skin cancer in women this age group has nearly doubled in the last 10 years, mostly related to use of tanning beds. Here is what skin cancer can look like:

  • Scaliness
  • Bleeding or oozing from a skin spot
  • A sore that doesn’t heal in a normal time frame
  • Spreading pigment
  • A mole with irregular borders
  • Sudden tenderness, itchiness, or pain
  • A noticeable, fast growing spot

Consider boosting the skin care routine you started in your 20’s. Mineral sunscreen, antioxidants and exfoliants are every bit as appropriate now as they were. You may find that you are ready to add medical grade moisturizers. A serum is recommended for normal to dry skin, but if your face is as dry as the Sahara Desert, then you will want a heavier cream. You may also want to upgrade your Retinol to Retin A, which is a stronger grade of the vitamin A derivative. Growth factors, spin traps, and peptides are all yummy ingredients used to stimulate collagen and elastin production. We carry arsenal of skin care to help protect and nourish your skin.

Consider filler. In your 30’s loss of collagen and elastin becomes more apparent resulting in more skin laxity. You will also start to lose volume in the fat pads of your face. These changes result in less plump and overall dryer skin. A hyaluronic acid filler adds moisture and can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Volume loss under the eyes, cheeks, or in the lips can be easily remedied by the injection of dermal fillers.

Consider neurotoxin. Neurotoxins such as Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are injected into muscles in order to force them into partial relaxation. Common areas are around the lips, eyes and forehead. Less muscle strain results in less skin damage, also known as wrinkles!

Make medical facials a routine. In addition to daily home care, we offer a variety of in office skin treatments. Facials and chemical peels are always a great pick me up because they brighten skin with minimal to no downtime. Medical facials allow your skin care regimen to work better. You may also consider one of our laser facials. IPL (Intense Pulse Light), also known as a photo facial, is great for treating photo damage, pigmentation, and redness in the skin. This is a treatment that is a little more involved than a chemical peel, but less downtime than a resurfacing laser. We also offer a laser treatment called Pico Genesis that is a light-based treatment that stimulates collagen and elastin. It is a very comfortable treatment with no downtime and proven long term results for healthier skin. A consultation with our staff will determine why laser procedure is best for you!

Checklist for the 30’s

  • Start skin self-exams to monitor for skin cancer.
  • Boost your daily skin care regimen with medical grade skin care products.
  • Consider filler to treat early volume loss.
  • Consider neurotoxin to treat wrinkles.
  • Make medical/laser facials a routine.


Your 40’s are a wonderful decade full of achievements. You have matured, but unfortunately so has your skin! You may have developed more pigmentation, broken blood vessels, skin damage, and possible pre-cancer or even cancer cells. Cellular turnover now takes 30-42 days. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and fatty tissue support have declined. Volume loss becomes more noticeable. The tip of the nose and corners of the mouth start to turn downward. A change in estrogen levels can cause more dryness, which worsens static wrinkles. Wrinkles that start to appear in your 20’s or 30’ are now deeper in-between your eyes, crow’s feet, or even around your mouth.

Don’t despair, take action! Continue with all the skin care tips recommended in your 20’s and 30’s, but now is definitely the time to consider dermal fillers and neuromodulators. If you haven’t started by now, it’s not too late!

Dermal fillers. Filler not only restores areas of volume loss, but also stimulates collagen and elastin production. Many people have a fear of looking “fake” or “not like themselves”, but when done correctly it looks extremely natural. Our skilled injector will leave you looking refreshed, not different.

Neuromodulators. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are effective tools to calm those pesky static wrinkles. They cause temporary forced relaxation of muscle. If you can’t make the wrinkle, you are less likely to create it permanently.

Laser facials. Laser treatment are designed to take years off of your skin’s appearance, all while improving the health of your skin! Quarterly treatments are a must in this decade. It has been proven in study after study that the benefits of light based treatments include prevention of skin cancer and restoration of youthful skin.

Consider surgical procedures. If you have excess or loose skin, you may want to consider your surgical options. If you have experienced disappointment with botox or filler, you may need straight-forward surgical skin tightening. There comes a time when the most natural, cost-effective pathway to restoration is skin removal. Common facial options for people in their 40’s include neck tightening and eyelid skin removal.

Check your overall health regimen. Decades of scientific research confirm that overall health is mostly dictated by good mind/body practice. This means physical fitness, maintenance of optimal body weight, and attention to stress and mental health…not drugs or supplements. Life is hard and unless you fight for your health, it will suffer. Get a trainer, go to the gym, take time to make a healthy meal, surround yourself with people who lift you up, and engage in activities you enjoy. When it comes to supplements, don’t believe the hype.

Checklist for the 40’s

  • Commit to your skin care. Your life may be busier, but a simple daily routine of nourishing, exfoliating, and protecting your skin is mandatory. This is the best ongoing investment for your skin’s health.
  • Schedule a consultation with our injection specialist. Small, but steady corrections of facial aging is the key to healthy natural looking results.
  • Treat yourself to a medical facial routine. Whether dermaplane, peel or laser, your skin will appreciate and reward you for your investment.
  • Consider a surgical consult if you have excess or loose skin.
  • Assess your overall health. Make sure you are maintaining your physical and mental wellness. Only you can do this for yourself.

50’s and over

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You are starting a new chapter in life! You are wise to the ways of the world and comfortable in your own skin. You have accomplished decades of experience and earned wisdom. Cellular turnover is at its slowest, taking 60-90 days. Your body simply can’t take the punishment the way it used to. It’s time to seriously reset your health approach. You deserve a reward and we are here to help!

Stay healthy the all-natural way. Renew/begin a commitment to diet and fitness. Your body may begin to lose muscle mass and you will have a natural tendency to gain weight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back! In spite of the attraction for supplements and medications, there is no safer, more effective way to boost one’s immune system than good old fashion exercise, healthy dietary habits, and stress reduction. We all know this, but it can seem daunting. It’s not impossible! Consistent baby steps turn into huge victories. Most health problems accumulate over a long period of time and cannot change instantly. Don’t give up! Being healthy feels good and only you can make it happen. It may feel selfish, but when you take time for yourself, you help your circle of friends and family.

Add Retin A to your daily skin care regimen. It’s definitely time to add Retin A to the medical grade skin care products used in your daily routine. Retin A is the gold standard of anti-aging facial application. It causes an increase in skin cell turnover so that the newer healthier skin cells stay front and center. It needs to be used with care, so please consult with our team and let us help you be successful!

Invest in a dramatic reset for your skin. Fractional CO2 laser treatments are the most effective way to off set collective ultraviolet damage and signs of aging. The laser makes small holes in the skin, which stimulates the deep layers – similar to the technique of aerating your lawn. The laser is the pen, but the aesthetician is the artist. Knowing what energy level to use and how to make a smooth, natural outcome is all in the experience and artistry of the person performing the laser treatment. Our aesthetician will consult with you on how to prepare and what to expect.

Treat yourself to permanent makeup. Facial features tend to shrink in overall proportion and become less defined over time. Make up application is more difficult with changes in eyesight. Microblading for eyebrow enhancement and shaping is a great option to ease your daily routine. We also love and recommend Latisse to help create more youthful and full eyelashes.

Consider surgical procedures. If you have excess or loose skin or have experienced disappointment with botox or filler, you may need straight-forward surgical skin tightening. There comes a time with skin, when the most natural, cost-effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles is skin removal. Common facial procedures for people in their 50’s+ include eyelid skin removal, fat grafts, and neck/face lifting. Again, the surgeon is the artist. Not all procedures are created equal. Ask to book a consultation, either with Dr. Keen or with a member of our team to show you patient results and help you understand what to expect.

Checklist for the 50’s

  • Make your health and wellness a priority.
  • If you haven’t yet, add Retin A into your skin care routine. This is something that can be purchased at our office.
  • Invest in a Fractional CO2 laser treatment. Our matrix laser is a tried and true technique!
  • Give permanent makeup a try! It is fun and eases your morning make up routine.
  • Consider scheduling a surgical consultation.

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